Batman Comic Book History

Batman is a comic book superhero that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and debuted in the 27th issue of DC Comics Detective Comics on March 30, 1939.

In the DC Universe, Batman is the superhero alias of American billionaire Bruce Wayne. Bruce is a playboy, philanthropist, and industrialist who resides in Gotham City. The Batman is created after Bruce witnesses the murder of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. He trains and pushes himself to the limit both physically and intellecutally and creates a bat-inspired persona to monitor the streets of Gotham at night, swearing vengeance against criminals, a vendetta that is tempered with the ideal of justice.

Kane, Finger, and other creators accompanied Batman with supporting characters, including his sidekick Robin; allies Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon, and Catwoman; and foes such as the Penguin, the Riddler, Two-Face, and his archenemy, the Joker.

Kane conceived Batman in early 1939 to capitalize on Superman's popularity. Though Kane frequently claimed credit for Batman's creation, Finger evolved the conept from that of a generic superhero to something much more bat-like.

The character received his own spin-off comic book, Batman, in 1940.

Batman's Comic Book Debut - Detective Comics #27 (1939) Batman Comic #675 (2008) Batman Justice League Rebirth Comic #1 (2016)

Batman's original comic book introduction was that of a ruthless vigilante who frequently maimed and killed criminals. He has since evolved into a hero with a very strict moral code and strong sense of justice. Unlike most superheroes, Batman does not possess any super powers. Instead, he relies on his intellect, fighting skills, and wealth.

Batman has been featured in many different comic books, including titles published under different imprints such as Vertigo and Black Label. Detective Comics is the longest-running comic book in the United States.

Batman is a member of the Justice League and the Outsiders, so he is often depicted alongside other superheroes that belong to the same teams such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash.

DC Comics has published various comic books featuring alternate versions of Batman, including the incarnations seen in The Dark Knight Returns, Flashpoint, and those found in the Elseworlds stories.

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