Batman Movies Community Guidelines

Updated 11/1/2020

We're excited to offer Batman Movies users the ability to contribute all types of content using our platform. The following Community Guidelines layout the basic framework of what's allowed and not allowed on Batman Movies, as well as the other sites in our network on our platform and applies to all types of content hosted via our platform. This includes, but is not limited to, links, comments, videos and images that appear on our network.

Please note that Batman Movies is not responsible for the content you post, nor do your thoughts and opinions reflect the thoughts and opinions of Batman Movies, it's network, staff, etc. We do NOT condone copyright infringement, plagiarism, or trademark infringement. YOU are responsible for what you post via our platform.

If your content violates the policies listed below, we will remove the content and alert you via email that we have done so. If it is your first violation of our Community Guidelines, you will receive a warning. If it happens more than once your account may be terminated.

Batman Movies reserves the right to remove any content with or without warning and at any time if it feels that it violates our Tos (Terms of Service) or Community Guidelines.

We Do NOT Allow

  • Trolling
  • Nudity/Sexual content
  • Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Hate speach
    (learn more about our copyright policies)
  • Plagiarism
  • Fake traffic/Engagement
  • Spam or scams
  • Illegal practices
  • Fake content (with the exception of April 1st).
  • Impersonation
  • Violent or graphic content
  • Harmful content

Have questions? CONTACT US!

We DO Allow

The items below are encouraged!

  • Create unique content! It could show up on the homepage or be picked up by other sites/outlets.
  • Contribute frequently!
  • Get out and meet the other members of the community and see what they're contributing!
  • Credit your source! Give credit where credit is due!
  • Have fun!

Parent's permission is required if you are under the age of 13!

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