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Batman Movie

 is your one-stop source for all Batman movie related stuff. Get breaking news about Batman Begins, as well as info from the 1st Batman movie and all sequels: Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin. Watch the Batman Begins trailer here first! Then view our Batman pictures gallery, listen to the Batman Begins Soundtrack, download Batman wallpaper, learn of all the Batman animated series, and bone up on your Batman comics history.

Superman/Batman Team-up
Superman director Zack Snyder hints that he's talking with Chris Nolan about the The Dark Knight.
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GOTHAM Season 1, Episode 21 Promo; "The Anvil Or The Hammer"
Fox has released the promo for the penultimate episode of Gotham, and things are really heating up for all of the lead characters. Bruce Wayne gets closer to unearthing a conspiracy, Nygma continues on the path to becoming The Riddler, and Jim Gordon must prevent a gang war...

Christopher Reeve And Adam West Make For The Best BATMAN v SUPERMAN Trailer
"That's how it starts. The fever. The rage. The feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel." Add a few 'Bams', 'Pows' and 'Zaps' to that and then you might have something Snyder.

Cancelled BATMAN V SUPERMAN Animated
In the early 2000s, long before Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was conceived, WB very nearly moved ahead with a very different take on the two iconic DC characters. The project was cancelled but now you can see what it would have looked like with the help of animator Sean Willets!

The first Batman V Superman: Down of Justice trailer officially landing tells us a tonne about the 2016 blockbuster. So why not delve a little deeper by hitting the jump and taking a look at six things you maybe missed including a look at whether Batman kills anyone in this movie. Which he may.

New Sneak Peeks From GOTHAM Season 1 Episode 20: "Under The Knife"
Fox has released a few new featurettes and sneak peeks from Monday's episode of Gotham featuring a look at Gordon and Bullock's ongoing investigation of the Ogre. We also get to see Bruce and Selina continue their work together. Come check it out!

It had to happen. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has now leaked online in its entirety, and while it is cam quality, you won't struggle to see Superman's new status quo, Bruce Wayne getting a lecture from Alfred, the Batmobile (and Batplane) in action, and much more!

War On The Streets Of GOTHAM In The Season 1 Finale: "All Happy Families Are Alike"
Fox has sent us over the synopsis for the May 4 season finale of Gotham, and it's shaping up to be an eventful one. Fish returns to the city to reclaim her power, but she's going to have to contend with Penguin and Maroni first. As we already know, not everyone will survive this...

SPOILERS: The Identity Of DC's New Post-CONVERGENCE 'Batman' Revealed
A page from DC's upcoming Free Comic Book Day offering, "Divergence", has leaked online; and it reveals the identity of the mech-suited Dark Knight that will be featured in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's post-Convergence Batman comic. Click on once you're okay with major SPOILERS...

GOTHAM Season 1, Episode 20 Promo: "Under The Knife"
Gotham returned to Fox tonight and we were quickly introduced to the Ogre. Gordon and Bullock's investigation continues next week, but just how much danger are the dynamic duo in? Hit the jump for a look ahead at what's to come in the Batman prequel with just three episodes remaining...

GOTHAM: First Look At Chris Chalk As 'Lucius Fox' In "The Anvil Or The Hammer"
This batch of promotional images from the upcoming April 27th episode of Gotham not only show us just how deep the Ogre (Milo Ventimiglia) has his hooks into Barbara, but also provide our first glimpse of 12 Years A Slave actor Chris Chalk as one of Bruce Wayne's trusted allies, Lucius Fox.

'Talon' Confronts 'Damian Wayne' In Another New Clip From BATMAN VS ROBIN
A new clip has been released from Batman Vs Robin (a loose adaptation of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "The Court of Owls"), and this one features the young Robin being confronted by Talon. Is he on the side of the angels or does he have another motive? Check it out...

GOTHAM: 'Penguin' Starts A War In Season 1 Episode 21 - "The Anvil Or The Hammer"
As we head towards the season finale of Fox's Gotham, Gordon and Bullock must race against the clock to find the Ogre before he has his way with Barbara. Plus, it seems the Penguin will be the one to usher in all-out war on the streets of the infamous city. Click on to check out the latest synopses..

Meet 'The Ogre' And More In Eight (Yes, Eight) New Clips From This Monday's GOTHAM
Gotham finally returns from a lengthy hiatus this Monday, and Fox has released eight clips from the episode which will see Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock on the hunt for a mysterious serial killer. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the jump to check out like a 1/4 of "Beasts of Prey"...

Nightwing Schools Damian In New BATMAN vs ROBIN Clip
In this new Batman vs Robin clip, Sean Maher (Serenity/Firefly) provides the voice of Nightwing, while Stuart Allan is the voice of Damian Wayne. "I was trained by Bruce Wayne and ever time they met, he kicked Ra's al Ghul's ass."

New GOTHAM Featurette Gives Us A Reason To Fear 'The Ogre'
When Gotham returns next Monday with "Beasts Of Prey", we will be introduced to former Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia as a vicious serial killer known as The Ogre. In this featurette some of the cast explain why he might just be Gordon's (Ben McKenzie) most dangerous foe yet...

New GOTHAM Featurette Teases The "Enigma" Of Cory Michael Smith's 'The Riddler'
Gotham returns on Monday, and Fox has released a new featurette which includes an interview with star Cory Michael Smith as he unravels the riddle that is Edward Nygma and teases what's to come in the final batch of episodes for the man who will one day be known to Batman ad The Riddler...

Apparently Julie Newmar Will Return To Voice 'Catwoman' In The BATMAN '66 Movie
Catwoman has been played by 6 different actresses over the years, but for fans of the classic Batman TV series the stunning Julie Newmar will definitely stand out as the best. Now we have word that Miss Newmar will return to voice the character in next year's animated movie...

Synopsis For GOTHAM Season 1 Episode 20: "Under The Knife"
As the season 1 finale of Fox's Gotham draws closer, the April 20 episode will see Gordon and Bullock continue to hunt the serial killer known as the Ogre (Milo Ventimiglia). Will they manage to subdue the villain before tragedy strikes? We also have stills from "Beasts of Prey".

Jared Leto Teases JOKER Voice Again?
Is actor/musician Jared Leto working on his Joker voice during his European tour with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars? It sure seems that way in this newest bit of concert footage. Take a listen and judge for yourself. Suicide Squad is expected to start filming in Toronto some time in April.

UPDATE: GOTHAM - First Look At Milo Ventimiglia As 'The Ogre'
TV Guide has provided out first glimpse of Heroes alum Milo Ventimiglia as deranged serial killer Jason lenon, aka the Ogre, who will make his debut on the April 13 return episode of Gotham, "Beasts of Prey". Check out an image of him alongside Erin Richards as Barbara after the jump...

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