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Batman Movie

 is your one-stop source for all Batman movie related stuff. Get breaking news about Batman Begins, as well as info from the 1st Batman movie and all sequels: Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin. Watch the Batman Begins trailer here first! Then view our Batman pictures gallery, listen to the Batman Begins Soundtrack, download Batman wallpaper, learn of all the Batman animated series, and bone up on your Batman comics history.

THE BATMAN: Dave Bautista Says He "Tried [His] Best" To Land The Role Of Bane In The Movie
Not too long ago, it looked like Dave Bautista might walk away from the MCU, but after missing out on a part in The Suicide Squad, the Guardians of the Galaxy actor also failed to land the role of Bane...

BATMAN: DEATH IN THE FAMILY Interactive Movie Blu-ray Details & Special Features Revealed
Following the action-packed trailer from earlier this week, WBHE has shared full details about the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of their first interactive movie, Batman: Death in the Family!

SCOOB! Makes A Strong Debut On The DEG's Watched At Home Top 20 While TROLLS WORLD TOUR Retains Top Spot
Following its recent launch on Blu-ray, Warner Bros. Scoob! has entered the DEG's Watched at Home Top 20 list at #2 while Universal's smash hit Trolls World Tour retained its position on top.

THE DARK KNIGHT Writer Reveals That Warner Bros. Wanted To Give Heath Ledger's Joker An Origin Story
The Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer has revealed that Warner Bros. pushed for the Joker to have an origin story, while also sharing some insight into why they shook up Two-Face's transformation...

BATMAN: DEATH IN THE FAMILY Trailer Offers First Look At The Interactive Animated Adventure
In the first trailer for Batman: Death in the Family, we learn that the animated adventure from Warner Bros. Animation will give fans the chance to choose the direction the classic story plays out in...

BATMAN BEGINS Writer David S. Goyer Debunks A Big Ra's Ah Ghul Lazarus Pit Fan Theory
For years, fans have wondered whether there was any meaning behind Ra's al Ghul closing his eyes moments before that train crashed in Batman Begins, but writer David S. Goyer has cleared things up...

BATMAN EXCLUSIVE Interview With GLAAD And Eisner-Award Winning DETECTIVE COMICS Writer Greg Rucka
We had the opportunity to speak with esteemed comic book writer Greg Rucka about his new Netflix Original adaptation of The Old Guard. We also picked his brain about his contributions to Batman. Read on!

THE BATMAN Star Colin Farrell Praises Matt Reeves' "Incredibly Original" Vision For The DC Comics Movie
In a new interview, The Batman star Colin Farrell has praised Matt Reeves' take on Gotham City in the upcoming DC Comics movie, while also revealing that it feels like something he's never seen before...

CLUELESS: The Classic Alicia Silverstone-Starrer Gets A Special 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Release
For its 25th anniversary, Paramount Home Media Distribution is releasing Amy Heckerling’s classic comedy Clueless, which starred Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd, on a special limited edition Blu-ray!

JOKER Was The UK's Most Complained About Movie In 2019 According To British Board Of Film Classification
Joker was a smash hit when it arrived in theaters last year, but according to a report from the British Board of Film Classification, it was also the most complained about movie released in the UK...

THE BATMAN: Warner Bros. Sets Up Anonymous Hotline For Cast And Crew To Report COVID-19 Safety Breaches
In order to make sure that work can safely resume on The Batman, Warner Bros. is setting up an anonymous hotline for cast and crew to report any COVID-19 safety breaches when shooting is taking place...

THE BATMAN: JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Sndyer Shares Excitement For Matt Reeves' Movie
Despite the fact that he was once responsible for setting the stage for Ben Affleck's version of The Batman, Zack Snyder is as excited as the rest of us to see what Matt Reeves has planned for the hero...

THE BATMAN Fan Posters Pit The Dark Knight Against Deathstroke In HBO Max Limited Series
Rumours about a HBO Max return for Ben Affleck's Batman continue doing the rounds, and prominent fan-artist BossLogic has shared two posters for the dream project pitting the hero against Deathstroke...

JOKER Director Todd Phillips Shares More Amazing Behind The Scenes Stills From The DC Comics Movie
Since its release last October, Joker director Todd Phillips has shared a lot of great behind the scenes images from his R-Rated DC Comics adaptation, and he's now back with even more of them...

JOKER Is Currently The Most Popular Movie Streaming On HBO Max
Joker exceeded all expectations at the box office last year, and it's now making a major impact on the HBO Max streaming service as the #1 movie on the newly launched platform. Read on for details...

THE BATMAN Will Reportedly Resume Shooting In September, But Don't Expect To See Any Set Photos
The Batman has already been delayed from next June to October, and while shooting is scheduled to resume soon, it will reportedly do so entirely behind closed doors. Find out more details after the jump!

RIVERDALE Stars Put Their Names Forward To Play The DCEU's BATMAN BEYOND And NIGHTWING
Rumour has it that Warner Bros. is developing a Batman Beyond movie, while a Nightwing project remains in development. Now, a couple of Riverdale stars have put themselves forward for both characters...

JOKER: Amazing Behind The Scenes Photo Shows Joaquin Phoenix Dancing Down Those Now Iconic Steps
Joker director Todd Phillips has shared a new behind the scenes photo from the R-Rated DC Comics adaptation featuring an awesome shot of Joaquin Phoenix's Clown Prince of Crime dancing down those steps...

THE BATMAN TV Series Coming To HBO Max Will Reportedly Serve As A Prequel To The Movie
Yesterday, we learned that HBO Max is developing a spinoff for The Batman focusing on Gotham P.D., and some new details reveal that it will take place before the Caped Crusader arrives in the city...

THE BATMAN Spinoff Series From Matt Reeves And Terence Winter In The Works For HBO Max
Here's some news that's bound to make Bat-fans very happy! It's been announced that a TV series set in the same universe as Matt Reeves' The Batman is in development for the HBO Max streaming service...

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