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Batman Movie

 is your one-stop source for all Batman movie related stuff. Get breaking news about Batman Begins, as well as info from the 1st Batman movie and all sequels: Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin. Watch the Batman Begins trailer here first! Then view our Batman pictures gallery, listen to the Batman Begins Soundtrack, download Batman wallpaper, learn of all the Batman animated series, and bone up on your Batman comics history.

THE BATMAN: Riddler Actor Paul Dano Teases Matt Reeves' "Potentially Really Powerful" Screenplay
Paul Dano plays The Riddler in Matt Reeves' The Batman, and while the actor chose his words carefully during a recent interview, he did drop some big hints about what fans can expect from the movie...

THE BATMAN: 10 Batsuits We Want To See In Matt Reeves' DC Comics Movie And Beyond
The Batsuit we will see in Matt Reeves' The Batman has already been revealed, but moving forward, which other costumes could we see Robert Pattinson don in the DC Extended Universe? Here are our top picks!

THE BATMAN Star Jeffrey Wright On "Next Evolution" Of Classic Characters And "Badass" Batmobile
In a new interview, The Batman star Jeffrey Wright talks more about director Matt Reeves' take on Gotham City in the DC Comics adaptation, and drops some interesting hints about the movie's Batmobile...

THE BATMAN Star Zoe Kravitz On The Movie's Delay, And COVID-19 Concerns Over Catwoman Costume
In a feature looking at how Hollywood productions will have to change as a result of COVID-19, The Batman star Zoe Kravitz expresses concerns about social distancing on a project such as this one...

BATMAN: Bane Masks End Up Selling Out Across The United States In Response To COVID-19 Pandemic
It's been recommended that people wear face coverings while in public to protect themselves and others from COVID-19, and that's unexpectedly led to Bane masks selling out across the United States...

Colin Farrell Admits The Penguin Doesn't Have A Huge Role In THE BATMAN, But Does Have "Some Tasty Scenes"
While on the virtual press tour for Disney+'s upcoming Artemis Fowl, star Colin Farrell spared a few minutes to share some interesting details about his role as The Penguin in Matt Reeves' The Batman!

BATMAN & ROBIN Writer Akiva Goldsman Apologizes For The Movie: "We Didn't Mean For It To Be Bad"
Batman & Robin is still referred to as one of the worst superhero movies of all-time, and writer Akiva Goldsman (Star Trek: Discovery) has now elaborated on what went wrong with the DC Comics adaptation...

THE BATMAN Remains On Hold In The UK Despite Recent Lifting Of COVID-19 Restrictions
The UK recently lifted restrictions to allow productions to get back to work in the country, but Warner Bros. is holding off on resuming filming on the likes of The Batman and Fantastic Beasts 3...

We have some sad news to share with you here on CBM today as it's been confirmed that Marty Pasko, the writer of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and Batman: The Animated Series, has passed away aged 65.

THE BATMAN Star Robert Pattinson On How His Version Of The Caped Crusader Could Differ To Past Versions
In a new interview, The Batman star Robert Pattinson has shared his thoughts on the pressures that come with playing The Dark Knight, and how he intends to follow those who have come before him...

THE BATMAN Star Andy Serkis Teases A Darker Take On The Caped Crusader In Matt Reeves' Movie
Andy Serkis is currently working remotely on Venom: Let There Be Carnage, but he's now weighed in on the tone of The Batman and what he hopes to bring to the table as the new Alfred Pennyworth...

BATMAN FOREVER Star Val Kilmer Explains Why He Walked Away From Playing The Caped Crusader
Val Kilmer's stint as Batman was brief, and we've heard conflicting stories over the years about why George Clooney replaced him in Batman and Robin, but the actor has now revealed why he walked away...

BAD BOYS FOR LIFE Actor Jacob Scipio Would Love To Tackle A Marvel or DC Superhero Role - EXCLUSIVE
After a breakout performance as the villain in Bad Boys for Life, it looks like breakout star Jacob Scipio may have his sights set on a superhero role in either the Marvel or DC cinematic universes.

TDKR Star Anne Hathaway Recalls Reading For Catwoman While Thinking She Was Up For Harley Quinn
Anne Hathaway has previously mentioned that she believed she was auditioning for a different role when she read for Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, & she's now revealed that it was indeed Harley Quinn.

JOKER Director Todd Phillips Reveals More Amazing Behind The Scenes Photos From The DC Comics Movie
Joker director Todd Phillips has once again taken to social media to share some amazing behind the scenes photos from the DC Comics adaptation, showcasing Oscar-winning star Joaquin Phoenix, and more...

GOD OF WAR Art Director Adds The Dark Knight To His BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Character Designs
Raf Grassetti has been promising to add some heroes to his Batman: The Animated Series character gallery for a while now, and he's started with the Caped Crusader himself. We also have the full poster...

THE BATMAN: Zoe Kravitz Says They'll "Have To Make The Cat Suit Bigger" Once Production Resumes
With production on The Batman halted, Zoe Kravitz is maintaining her training regime from home, but says she joked to director Matt Reeves that he'll have to make her Cat-suit bigger once work resumes...

THE BATMAN: It Sounds Like Colin Farrell Will Be Donning Some Prosthetics To Play The Penguin
Before COVID-19, stage actor Rob McClure was playing Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway, and he mentions in passing that the company that created his prosthetics are also working on some for The Batman...

THE BATMAN Co-Writer Says The Movie's New October Release Date "Suits The Mood"
We found out yesterday that Matt Reeves' The Batman had been pushed back by about 3 months, and the film's co-writer has now set Long Halloween speculation into overdrive with his "suits the mood" Tweet...

THE BATMAN Has Been Pushed Back To October 2021; THE FLASH & SHAZAM! 2 Also Shift Dates
Warner Bros. has now officially announced that Matt Reeves' The Batman has been pushed back from its original June 2021 release date to October. The Flash & Shazam! 2 have also been given new dates...

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