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Batman Movie

 is your one-stop source for all Batman movie related stuff. Get breaking news about Batman Begins, as well as info from the 1st Batman movie and all sequels: Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin. Watch the Batman Begins trailer here first! Then view our Batman pictures gallery, listen to the Batman Begins Soundtrack, download Batman wallpaper, learn of all the Batman animated series, and bone up on your Batman comics history.

THE BATMAN: Armie Hammer Confirms He's Heard Nothing From Warner Bros. About Donning The Cape And Cowl
Last night, a report that Armie Hammer will take on the role of the Dark Knight in Matt Reeves' The Batman was quickly debunked and now the actor himself has weighed in on those claims. Check it out...

Ben Affleck's 10 Best Moments As The DC Extended Universe's BATMAN...And 5 Of His Worst
Justice League star Ben Affleck has officially stepped down as the DCEU's Batman and we're now taking a look at his ten best moments as the Caped Crusader along with five we (and he) would rather forget...

JUSTICE LEAGUE Star Ben Affleck Explains Why He's No Longer Batman: "I Couldn't Crack It"
In case there was any doubt, Ben Affleck officially retired as Batman on last night's episode of Kimmy Kimmel Live and offered some insight into why he's no longer suiting up as the Caped Crusader...

The Dark Knight Makes An Entrance In This New BATMAN VS. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Image
Yesterday, we found out that WB was developing a Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated movie, and now we have a new image featuring The Dark Knight dropping in on the Heroes in a Half-Shell...

BATMAN VS. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Animated Movie In The Works - Check Out The First Images
Big news for crossover fans here, as it's just been announced that The Dark Knight will cross paths with the Heroes in a Half-Shell in a new Batman Vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated movie from WB.

Robert Pattinson Rumored To Be A Candidate For Lead Role In Matt Reeves' THE BATMAN
We know that Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves are currently looking for a new Bruce Wayne but could Twilight alum Robert Pattinson be the new Caped Crusader in The Batman? Find out more after the jump...

Scott Adkins BATMAN Audition Tape Surfaces Online Featuring Scenes From THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
Ben Affleck is officially done with the role of Batman and WB is reportedly leaving no stone unturned in their quest to find a replacement. Fans have been pointing in Scott Adkins' direction for years...

Warner Bros. Reportedly Looking For A "Familiar Face" To Take On The Lead Role In THE BATMAN
As Matt Reeves attempts to find a new actor to take on the role of the Dark Knight, it seems as if we can discount an unknown landing the part based on new intel about what he and the studio are after.

BATMAN BEYOND Animated Movie Rumor Shot Down By Warner Bros. And DC Films As "Not True"
Warner Animated Group, WB Animation TV, and DC Films have all denied rumors that work is being done on a Batman Beyond animated feature film for theatrical release. Check out the official response below...

THE BATMAN Script Is A Whopping 160 Pages Long; Matt Reeves Comments On Josh Gad/Penguin Rumors
According to a new report, the current version of Matt Reeves' The Batman screenplay is a massive 160 pages long! Find out more about that and the director's thoughts on those Penguin rumours right here...

The Rise And Fall Of BATFLECK: Where Did It All Go Wrong For Ben Affleck's Version Of Batman?
Ben Affleck has officially decided to step down as the DCEU's Dark Knight, but as Matt Reeves starts hunting for a new actor to don the cape and cowl, where exactly did things go wrong for "Batfleck"?

Early Betting Odds For Ben Affleck's THE BATMAN Replacement Have Already Popped Up Online
Ben Affleck has only just officially stepped down as the DCEU's Caped Crusader but early betting odds for who could next down the cowl have started popping up online, and they make for interesting reading!

BATMAN BEYOND Animated Feature Rumored For Theatrical Release As Concept Art Leaks Online
Fans have been clamoring for a return to the Batman Beyond universe for years, and now we have word that Warner Bros. may be planning an animated features for the big-screen. Find out more after the jump.

THE BATMAN, THE SUICIDE SQUAD & DC SUPER PETS Get Release Dates; Ben Affleck Is No Longer The Dark Knight
Breaking news out of WB, as it's being reported that the studio has officially set a release date for Matt Reeves' The Batman, and we've also received word that Ben Affleck will not star in the picture...

Matt Reeves On THE BATMAN's Title, His "Noir" Story, Possible Release Date, And Casting A "Rogues Gallery"
We finally have an update from director Matt Reeves on The Batman, including his plans for the tone, a possible release date, and plans to include an entire cast of the Dark Knight's rogues. Take a look!

Rocksteady's Next Game Rumored To Be BATMAN: ARKHAM CRISIS
There have been rumblings for a while now that Rocksteady is planning to return to the DC Universe for its next game, and a new report now claims that we're getting another instalment in the Arkham series.

Huge THE BATMAN Update Including Intel On The Lead Actor, Villains, And A Possible Release Date
What's going on with The Batman? That question has been on the lips of comic book fans everywhere for years now but a new report may finally shed some light on what's happening with the Caped Crusader...

DCEU Rumors Point To Non-Flashy Costumes In BIRDS OF PREY And More Action In THE BATMAN
Some interesting new rumours about both Birds of Prey and The Batman have been revealed today as it's said that we shouldn't expect "flashy" costumes in the former, while the latter will be action-packed.

THE BATMAN Script Is Essentially Finished; Likely To Begin Filming At The End Of This Year
Late last week, a new report broke that the script for Matt Reeves' long-awaited The Batman has basically been finished and turned into the studio, but we still has a ways to go before any cameras roll.

BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN Two-Part Animated Feature Reportedly In The Works
Fans have been hoping to see an animated adaptation of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's Batman: The Long Halloween for years, and a new report indicates that a two-part take is now in the works. Check it out...

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